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Download EvoCreo v1.3.2 Money Apk Mod

EvoCreo v1.3.2 Money Apk Mod

EvoCreo Travel of 30 hours long and discover more than 100 monsters on your way to catch and to tame in order to become the top Evoker.
Explore the world and find on your way lots of sinister creatures that you have to fight with. Get your free Money Apk Mod and you’ll be able to customize easily your moves and abilities. Enjoy the epic story and amazing animation and challenge other players to compete at this cross-platform multiplayer. Use our Money Mod to be the first and to become the ultimate Evoking Master

Over 100 Monsters to Catch & Evolve!
Explore a Massive Open World!
No Energy Bars, No Waiting!

Embark on a journey through the world of Zenith. Become the top Evoker by capturing and battling over 100 kinds of Creo!

Test yourself in the Arenas, and work your way up to the Coliseum! On the way, you’ll be fighting the sinister plot of the nefarious organization, Shadow Hive!

-Over 100 monsters to capture & evolve!
-Fully animated monsters and characters
-A massive open world to explore where Creo roam
-An epic adventure over 30 hours long
-Cross-platform multiplayer
-Challenge other Evokers and become the ultimate Evoking Master!
-Customize your Creo’s moves, traits, and abilities to suit your very own strategy!

Do you have what it takes to be an Evoking Master?

EvoCreo Additional Information :
Category: Pro Games
Size: 35 MB
Update: 25 October 2015
Installations at the moment: Between 100,000 and 500,000

EvoCreo NEW:

-Fixed Evolution Crashes (Round 2)
-General bug fixes
-If your are experiencing bugs then please contact us at [email protected]
-Click and hold the cloud load button for 10 seconds to load from a backup file.
Reviews: ♦♦♦

Haojun Chua
There’s a bug when i enter the arena again/afew times again. The screen will just freeze and i will be forced to force close the app. This caused some of the data files to get corrupted and lost some game data. Pls fix this issue! PLS:REPLY ME IF ISSUE IS SOLVED
Kai Wilson
Sweet A few questions where do I catch a deor I know its in 50 acre woods but do you catch it strolling? Nice battle mechanics like Pokémon pearl! I strongly recommend buying this game. Tough like Pokémon red\blue. Bit lag for some reason? Please take it out in a update!
Bellaboo 47
HOLY COW!!!!!!!!! THIS GAME IS AWESOME!!!!!I have never played the game pokemon and from what friends of mine say its exactly like pokemon!!!The only trouble i’ve ever had with evocreo is a glitch a few months ago and thats it.I love this game!!!!It has the feels of pokemon!
Austin Long
Amazing game It is an amazing game with great details. I have always loved Pokemon, but they don’t have any for mobile devices. This an amazing game and I would recommend it to anyone looking for adventure.

EvoCreo v1.3.2 Money Apk Mod
EvoCreo v1.3.2 Money Apk Mod
EvoCreo v1.3.2 Money Apk Mod
EvoCreo v1.3.2 Money Apk Mod


Download EvoCreo v1.3.2 Money Apk Mod

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