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Download Soul Rage v1.6 full God Mod Apk

Soul Rage v1.6 God Mod Apk

You will definitely like this arcade shooting game, as this is the best Bullet Hell STG with the retro graphics. Get the best shooting experience and attacks of the boss. Collect the weapon cards, and get necessary equipment, upgrading and growth. And for sure you will need out God Mod Apk to take full advantage of the game and to upgrade your heroes and to customize your weapons in order to improve your attacks. If you are a fan of action games and arcade games, you will like this bullet hell game with attractive graphics.

2015 New Retro Bullet Hell STG emergence!
If you’re tired of the Crappy way to STG, enjoy the more difficult and interesting Soul Rage
We invite you to the best Bullet Hell STG

((Soul Rage comes with))
-*- Retro style graphics and gameplay
-*- Various patterns of Danmaku
-*- Gorgeous force of the strikers
-*- Interesting attack the boss
-*- providing a easy, normal, hard stage
-*- Scoring System
-*- Ranking of the World STG Players!
-*- Provided the original soundtrack
-*- Beautiful Fairy Cards secondary attack systems
-*- Hero’s level up system of the RPG taste
-*- Interesting Shoot’em up game

Soul Rage NEW:
-Update v.
– New boss raid
: End of the abyss
: Gardens of the light
– New relics
: Abacus of Thrifty, Golden Rabbit’s Foot
– New multiple language support: Chinese(Simplified)
– Minor bug fix

Soul Rage Reviews:

Felipe Andrade
really good game: the visuals reminds me of classic cave bullet hell games, and the weapon customization adds so much to the game.
Ronoroa Zoro
Good It’s a great game although I would like to see btter rewards for completing levels. It takes way too long to actually get 30 gems in order to buy a chest that normally contains equipment that you already have.
Adam Gibson
Bullet hell in my RPG! Really enjoying it so far! Premium currency (rubies) are plentiful, and the gameplay is really nice. Graphics are great as well(aside from those weird looking explosions). So long as the developer continues to add new levels and boss dungeons, I could see myself playing this game for a while.
Ivan Korystin
Downloading (or maybe it’s unpacking) takes forever, and when my phone goes to sleep or in another app, the process stops. Am i supposed to sit with a phone in my hand and just watch the download/unpack process in order to make it actually download/unpack something? Are we still living in a stone age? I haven’t played the game yet. It took me about an hour to get through 2/3 of the download|unpack process. Use the freaking APK expansion for god’s sake.

Soul Rage Additional Information :
Category: Pro Games
Size: 45 MB
Update: 26 August 2015
Installations at the moment: Between 50,000 and 100,000
Reviews: ♦♦♦♦

Soul Rage v1.6 God Mod Apk
Soul Rage v1.6 God Mod Apk
Soul Rage v1.6 God Mod Apk
Soul Rage v1.6 God Mod Apk

Download Soul Rage v1.6 God Mod Apk



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