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Minecraft Pocket Edition v0.17.0.1 Mod APK Download

Minecraft Pocket Edition v0.17.0.1 Mod apk

Minecraft Pocket Edition v0.17.0.1:
Perhaps the best adventure app available today with Between 10 000,000 and 50 000,000 downloads.

The game is named Minecraft Pocket Edition v0.17.0.1 Recommended Hardware as minimum 3 .1 on android version or newer. published on google Store as a paid game on 04 Nouvember 2016, team put in your hand the MOD Apk file for free.
(if  you get a dead link or you don’t know how to download it from the link don’t hesitate to contact us, our team will reply as soon possible). don’t forget that this game is compatible with all android mobile.

More information, features and some screenshots about Minecraft Pocket Edition v0.17.0.1 offered to you, we gave you a small description about it.

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Comment and reviews:

Molly Porter: Some red flags Its s great, addictive app but when i go to change my skin it takes me back to my home screen so it will never let me i tried deleting it and reinstalling the app but it still wouldnt work so then i check for any updates and even virus’s on my LG devise but still nothing so it must be the app, please fix my problem
Ryan C. Young: MCPE is my 2nd favorite version of Minecraft! I have to say, that I am very impressed with the Pocket Edition of Minecraft. I’ve always been, a big fan of the PC version of Minecraft, but PE is the only other version that I actually like. I’ve played the XBOX and PlayStation versions, but I didn’t really like the control system for either one. Also the multiplayer online for PE, is just like the PC version too. You can run or play on servers that have ranks, permissions, plugins etc. MCPE is worth the $6.99 and I highly recommend buying it!
makia francis: Love Minecraft I love minecraft, and its not the game i dont like which is why im giving 2 stars. But after the new update i havent been able to get onto minecraft at all. Ill click on the app and it will start to load then will immediately crash. Please fix this or tell me if theres something i can do!
Maysa O: Like no game I’ve ever seen Awesome, but could you please let us pe players do the stuff that the pc gamers can do? E.g:end portal, trading with villagers.. Would it really be that hard to control the stuff that you can do on pc on pe? I also have a bug where when I feed horses, no hearts appear and you still have the same amount of food… Also 16.1 came out for everyone else but not me! Can you fix it please? And thank you SO much, you have listened and fixed ALL of my previous bugs! Please make more games like this i LOVE IT!!!

Additional Information :
Category: Pro Games
Size: 66MB
Update: 04 Nouvember 2016
Installations at the moment: Between 10 000,000 and 50 000,000
More info: PlayStore
Reviews: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Minecraft Pocket Edition v0.17.0.1 Mod apk
Minecraft Pocket Edition v0.17.0.1 Mod apk
Minecraft Pocket Edition v0.17.0.1 Mod apk
Minecraft Pocket Edition v0.17.0.1 Mod apk

watch trailer:

New MOD Version  ↓↓ (Update 23/01/2017)

Download Minecraft Pocket Edition v0.17.0.1 Apk



Minecraft Pocket Edition v0.17.0.1 APK

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